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Build Your Own Compact Home

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What is LinKits?

LinKits is a new way to build compact homes.  From affordable housing to guest homes LinKits provides a way for you to build a structure yourself and save money.  Imagine building a house where all the guess work of measuring, angles, and complicated structures is gone?  With LinKits you just connect 4x4's to our Links to build your perfect compact structure. When you buy a kit you receive our patented Metal Links, structural plans, and a detailed shopping list to build the whole structure.

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Finished LinKits Homes

Although we started building these homes with our patented Links just under 1.5 years ago, we already have 2 main houses and a guest house completed.  Check out what these LinkIts Homes can look like after everything is done!

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The Grove Home

Our 2nd home we built in 2020.  This layout has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It also includes a front porch covered porch and side deck.  At over 930sq ft this home boasts tons of space for families, rentals, or as a starter home.  Walk in to 20ft vaulted ceilings that anyone visiting will remember.

The Durham Home

This compact home is perfect for small families, vacation, or rental properties.  A 3 bed 2 bath beauty that sits at just over 950 square feet. On top of the 3 bedrooms there is a bonus room that can be used for storage or a home office.


One of the unique layouts we provide are for ADU's or Accessory Dwelling Units.  These are commonly referred to as "Guest Houses", "Mother-In-Law Homes", or "whats that thing behind your home?"  These are small 1 bed/1 bath home that many localities allow to be built behind existing homes.  Whether you want room for more guests or to make some rental money, these can be a perfect low cost addition to any property.

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Lynchburg, Virginia


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